First of all Godaddy , bigrock and many other hosting companies are owned by a single parent company known as Endurance International Group or EIG for short.

To know the full list of companies owned by EIG click on this link.

Now as to why not to take hosting from these companies , take a look at these links –

link1    link2    link3    link4

There are a lot more of these articles on the internet. Not to mention sites hosted on godaddy getting infected , sites completely taken down , data lost and many more such instances.

what is ssl certificate and why is it necessary ?

Having a SSL certificate basically means you have secured website. You see the lock icon besides the name of our site in the address bar ? It means the site uses SSL certificate and is secure.

Some people think that only e-commerce websites need secure website. That is not the case. Here are a few reasons why your website should be using SSL certificate in 2018 –

  • Credibility and trust for your customers
  • SEO advantages
  • Protection Against Hackers
  • Google Penalizes sites that are not using SSL
  • and more…


Our hosting space is from one of the top companies that is NOT PART OF EIG.

A good hosting is always recommended if you want speedy website, good security and excellent customer service.

Please Note – This hosting space is only for WORDPRESS websites

If you make websites from us , we always use the premium hosting shown below.

godaddy pricing

Godaddy charges you 6.4k for 1 YEAR!


1 year


2 years


3 years

most value

Our package includes secure website(https) in the fees itself. 

We will import your WordPress website from your previous hosting for FREE!

*Please note that if you have a website which has a high traffic , or for ecommerce websites ,

you will need a different type of hosting. Please contact us for its pricing*